Wickers & Bullers, November 1994, Issue 4 (Model: Pedro, Photography Ajamu X)
Wickers & Bullers, July 1994, Issue 2 (Model: Linden Volney, Photographer: Ajamu X)
Capital Gay newspaper, September 1992
Friday Review in The Guardian, December 2004
The Independent, November 2004
The Voice Newspaper, Right of reply by Black lesbians and gays against media homophobia, October 1991
PC Gamal Tuwara, featured article on discrimination within the police force, Evening Standard,  2005
Blitz Lifestyle magazine, 1986 (Model: Mark Lawrence, DJ/Club Promoter for Daisy Chain in Brixton)
Isaac Julien (Film Maker and Artist), Cover and feature article in The Pink Paper,  November 2001
"Reggae Strikes Back", New Nation, September 2004
"Woman Jailed in Lesbian Love Shooting", The Voice, November 1989
"Boys Lured Into Vice Racket", The Voice, April 1988
Gaytimes- July 1991
Him Magazine Circa 1976
Whickers & Bullers, Issue 1, 1993 (Photographer : Sharon Wallace)