Trevor Moore, HIV/AIDS Activist, 1963-1995
Black MESMAC Project, Leicester, circa. early 1990s, photographed by Ajamu X
Black Perverts Network, The house rules for a sex party for Black and Asian men, 1996
BigUp! advert, circa. early 2000s
Black Perverts Network (founded by Ajamu X), 1994
Black Perverts Network (founded by Ajamu X)
Black Perverts Network, (founded by Ajamu), 1994
Black Perverts Network flyer (founded by Ajamu X), 1994
Poster for BigUp!, circa 1993/1994(?)
The first HIV/AIDS poster for BigUp!, circa. 1991/92
Black to Basics, Club Night Event, June 2000 (images include Simon Nelson, Busta Mckay and "Grandma"